Erlinng Chriistensen - england

Spirit Release – a sequence in English

When you / I have an experience or otherwise under strange experience which is hard to find a natural logical explanation can you / I might well have visitors from the other side (deceased). Farther downstream in the text are a number of characteristics of unwanted visitors.

Through my work as a medium, clairvoyant and healer, I am frequently approached by people who have the experience that they have unwanted visitors in their homes. That is to say the deceased man. Frequently deceased people home residents have not known when these people were on the earthly plane.

During the eleven years I have worked with to “help” dead people on the light, I have become aware of some characteristics of unwanted visitors in your home.

First, it is important to ascertain that the individual is nothing wrong physically. If “turmoil among individuals” continue anyway, there can be no unwanted visitors. It is important to remember that the examples below are general characteristics. (Often seen only some of the things to be present, as described below).

  • Headache ‐ often only in the home
  • Migraine ‐ not explained
  • Nausea
  • Neck Problems ‐ throat pulls together, you may have difficulty expressing themselves
  • Sore stomach ‐ butterflies in the stomach in a negative way, there is continual
  • Poor immune function
  • Low self‐esteem, as demonstrated by e.g. sadness, depression etc.
  • Illness of different character
  • Chest tightness
  • Back problems
  • Unexplained conflicts at home dwellers.

The following are experiences that are usually not given any logical explanation in the traditional sense:

  • The experience of being “watched” or observed.
  • Cold in the house ‐ even if it does not pull or floor is cold. This can be special places in the home.
  • Odours ‐ frequently a moldy smell, perfume, flowers, body scents, food, alcohol, etc.
  • Taste ‐ is relatively rare. For example. That a person can, for example. Taste of cigarettes. Without ever having tried smoking.
  • Sounds- E.g. experience of doors opens and closes, an unexplained noise etc.
  • The electrical system teases ‐ lights flashing. An electric kettle is switched on; the stove is on, PC `transferee starts or stops by it, audio system turns on or off you, etc.
  • The experience of being physically molested ‐ typically in the form of push, possibly a feeling of getting stuck. For example. In bed, etc.
  • Things move ‐ without dwelling people / animals have share in this
  • Animals ‐ especially cats are good for catching signals from deceased people. Animals may be exposed to the same things as humans can. The difference is that people can express themselves, which these animals have much more difficulty.
  • A more general point may be that it is difficult to get things to succeed.

What can be done from here? There are several things you / I should be aware:

  • Of course we get uncomfortable, anxious, experiencing powerlessness of these unpleasant experiences in the home. What it does is try of understanding what is happening and the courage to “go” experience. Second, what tools can be used.
  • Try to consider the interaction with the “lodger” as collaboration rather than subordinates.
  • The desire for non‐cooperation is typically caused by ignorance, worry, insecurity, etc. It’s not just believe in life after death. This means that some people must take their humanity to revision.
  • Try to think of the people who are dead, there remains in one’s consciousness, joy, sorrow, deprivation and the like. Although they are physically not present live their spirit on. This brings the theme of life after death again on the track.
  • I feel more and more people become aware of spiritual awareness and curiosity for what it is and how it works. The more experienced ‐ the more questions. Logically enough for such be motivating learning or teaching.
  • More and more children and young people become aware of the possibility of making contact as they develop their creative sides much more now than before. That is, the ability to register more sensitive stuff.
  • And that children and young people often tell you more than before about their experiences. Which also applies to adults. Often the question comes up: “Am I crazy?” Or I’m getting mad. Answers will vary from person to person. Here it is important to remember husrensninger have different sequences. Which is to say that the tools dwelling / household residents will be asked to apply can be crucial to who will in turn decrease the desired row over house / one household / person.
  • To send the deceased home where they belong is the smallest part of such a course. The crucial point scars to the parties involved in a constructive dialogue, stay grounded and using the designated tools. So that in a follow‐up can be adjusted (typically 2 weeks later). It is occasionally necessary, but a good hedge.
  • The choice of a clairvoyant, medium, or healer, it is important to trust the person you / I may wish to select.
  • A crucial point is that the tool are understood and taken into use. Often these causes ‐ explanations essential to falling calm down. Likewise, some of tools necessary for life to avoid getting unwanted visits from other dead later in life.