Session in english

 Individual clairvoyance/session.

Uncover personal and business problems and opportunities through clairvoyance
I can through clairvoyance guide you, so you can reach your aims and grow personally and professionally. There may well be questions about relationships, children, job, opportunities, investments, personal devolopment and so on.
You will get opportunities, that you have to choose and act upon.

Clairvoyance will be included on a CD if you wish.

30 min. 600, -
50 - 60 min. 900-


Individual telephone clairvoyance/session.

Individual telephone clairvoyance takes approx. 45 min. for a clairvoyance session.
Some questions can be answered by appointment.
We agree a time when there is peace around you.
Then I will call you by phone. This applies only in Denmark (excluding. Fæø islands and

How do you remember information?
You can write them down in note form or any. Put a tape recorder to
phone or the like.

10 min 200,
15 min 300,

A. Mobilepay. B. Payment by agreement or
C. You will be given a reg. and account number where the agreed amount
inserted and registered before the telephone clairvoyance will take place.


Individual/pair/group clairvoyance through Skype

Clairvoyance, clairvoyant coaching, coaching, beginner to receive distant healing / evaluation of the healing process.
The session will be sound recorded if it had desired.
Audio file sent in the form of CD, audio file sent via e-mail box or downloaded via a link. Transmission of audio occurs within Denmark (Greenland and Faroe Islands). Or for payment by shipping costs.
Sound recording will be available for download via a link.

Prerequisites: You are created on Skype, the Internet connection is stable. There has installed the necessary equipment to PC `transferee.

15 min. 300, - kr
20 min. Kr 400, - kr,

(This is clairvoyance / deceased clairvoyant contact and coaching).
Or inquire.
For info / booking or mobile 0045 23307893